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Best Financial Planning Software For Individuals Or Advisors

Financial Planning Software seems to be the new hype on the horizon, with everyone from astute professional Advisers to desperately help-seeking individual investors, getting in the hunt for the best guide in their wealth-affairs. While there is some Financial Planning Software Free Download, here are the premium ones which come with a price.

Money Tree:

Comes in three modules –1) MT Silver for Fundamental Planning Solution with Efficiency and ease of use as key goals. Initial Purchase cost $495. 2) MT Easy Money Power comprehensively addresses all major FP aspects, including guidance to manage Financial Shortfalls. Costs $895 initially. 3) My Golden Years Cashflow for clients needing high-tuned analysis and detailed Tax calculations. Costs again $895 initially. Access them on

Money Guide Pro:

Contains all smart features as normally demanded by Financial Advisors and Investors. Easy to use; comes with Detailed reports, Online guidance, Financial Planning Worksheet, User-friendly pictorial presentations. No initial Fees to purchase. Annual usage charge stands at $365 per User. You can find them at

Tools for Money:

This is the 3rd in the rowFinancial Planning Software. Got a rich collection of sixteen modules catering to virtually all probable needs in this domain. The website at www.toolsformoney.comcontains detailed step-by-step advises on 1) how to go about handling your Financial Planning consultancy profession, and 2) For Consumer/Investors to do it yourself. Prices of course stand different for different modules.

It’s one of the most elaborate websites with multiple useful free downloads as E-Money books, Retirement planning calculator, Real estate calculators, College Calculators, Insurance calculators.

Future Adviser:

Stresses on an Integrated Module to handle multiple needs by Users from different spaces.Currently offering a 14 days’ Free Trial for interested clients. If you are looking for a simpler life, not so much expert advice on selection of Softwares, you can contact check these people on

Portfolio Reporting, Financial Planning, Goal Tracking All In One!

Super-charge your Financial Advisory Practice

Increase your income with the help of a Power-packed Planning tool which is Financial in nature. Reduce Redemptions via Goal Tracking Actionable Reports.
Save money by opting for software which happens to be all-in-one.


After glimpses of some general Software, handling a wider gamut of stuff, let us focus on the very specific need of Retirement Planning Software, which compel most people to look for the Financial Planner. RetireSoft offered at comes fairly cheap at a $99 starting price, and annual renewal fee of $49. Has a major focus on how much one keep withdrawing, without jeopardizing the final saving goal.

Wealth Trace:

The second product increasingly turning as a darling of the people bent on specialized retirement-planning softwares with good Financial Planning Calculator. Uses the standard Monte Carlo analysis, and Goals-based on CashFlow-based planning. Try them at

Collegiate Funding:

Features good online Demo of Software operations. Claims to have seamless integration features with MoneyPro. Comes in 3 versions – Premier, Branded and Standard. Prices range from $599 to $1199 p.a. Access them on

EMoney Advisor:

Another hot property fast becomes a favorite in certain niche groups. Access them on for handy explanations. Price ranges from a mere $100 to $216 per annum.

Wealth Online Advisors:

A smart state-of-the-art product, which is a full-fledged ERP produced by experts from India. Covers much than an ordinary Financial Planner would; but takes ample care of all imaginable needs for an Investor or a Professional Advisor.Contains an efficient 360 degree view of full investment and planning scenarios. Prices not quoted directly on site. If you are looking for a Financial Planning Software ForAdvisors, this may be what you are looking for. Website:

Budge Pulse:

If you fancy aFinancial Planning Software with easy to use dashboards and comprehensive graphs, this could be your choice at Comes with all otherstandard features as easy Net worth calculations, budgeting guide etc.